Pink Lemonade (Rubber Base 02)

Pink Lemonade (Rubber Base 02)

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What is a rubber base? 
Rubber base is a thick, tough, durable, but flexible gel that is designed to strengthen nails. It can be applied directly on the natural nail or over full cover gel tips.


- Rubber gel base 

- Cure time 60 seconds in LED 

- LED and UV compatible 

- 15ml full size bottles 

- Transparent colors 

- Lasts 3-4 weeks if applied correctly 

- Recommended to use with our PH bond and primer 



- Prep nails (remove any dead skin and buff off the shine) 

- Apply our PH bond (air dry)

- Apply primer (air dry)

- Now using the rubber base apply a slip layer which is a thin layer of rubber base that will guide the rest of the gel. This step is similar to applying regular gel. Do not cure yet 

- To build up the nail start at the cuticle leaving a small margin to prevent flooding 

- Gently pull the product side to side as you go down to the free edge (work slow and gentle to prevent air bubbles) 

- If you miss any spot you can go in with our Detail brush to guide the gel where needed 

- once the gel looks smooth on the nails go ahead and cure 

- apply top coat and done ✅


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I love it

This is one of the best formulas I've tried. It's pretty nice

Ashlee Marcus

First I have to say the packaging was so cute! Definitely screamed nail mail. Secondly, I placed my order Thursday and received my order by Saturday. I was so worried about receiving anything because I wanted my nails done for my birthday Saturday but the shipping time was amazing. I'm so excited to try the new shimmer collection it's so pretty!

Andrea McDowell
Perfect Color Of Pink!

I love the shade and the glittery addition.

Taylor Brewster
Big fan

I bought this because I have another color and it’s the BEST builder base I have. I didn’t realize it has sparkles in it, but I’m thrilled with the way the color looks once it is cured and you have several layers. As always, LN’s products are the best out there.

Wendy M
Great builder gel

I’m a professional manicurist & use builder gels often. This builder gel is not thick. I read a few reviews that said it seemed thick, but they also used the word polish. Obviously, these are not polishes. As far as builder gels go, this is thinner in viscosity than other brands I use. I had no problem with lifting. I chose the pink with a little shimmer. I’m very happy with it. I plan on buying more.