Nude Tint (Rubber Base 11)

Nude Tint (Rubber Base 11)

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What is a rubber base? 
Rubber base is a thick, tough, durable, but flexible gel that is designed to strengthen nails. It can be applied directly on the natural nail or over full cover gel tips.


- Rubber gel base 

- Cure time 60 seconds in LED 

- LED and UV compatible 

- 15ml full size bottles 

- Transparent colors 

- Lasts 3-4 weeks if applied correctly 

- Recommended to use with our PH bond and primer 

- Sheer color



- Prep nails (remove any dead skin and buff off the shine) 

- Apply our PH bond (air dry)

- Apply primer (air dry)

- Now using the rubber base apply a slip layer which is a thin layer of rubber base that will guide the rest of the gel. This step is similar to applying regular gel. Do not cure yet 

- To build up the nail start at the cuticle leaving a small margin to prevent flooding 

- Gently pull the product side to side as you go down to the free edge (work slow and gentle to prevent air bubbles) 

- If you miss any spot you can go in with our Detail brush to guide the gel where needed 

- once the gel looks smooth on the nails go ahead and cure 

- apply top coat and done ✅


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is the best rubber base coat I have ever used. Perfect consistency. Not too think/thin. Perfect

Lovely packaging

First of all the whole experience of opening my package was beautiful, the thought and detail put into your package is elite. I ordered rubber bases and all are so pretty and nail tips look very sturdy! Thank you Ellen!


Creates a perfectly acrylic look with the ease of gel. Very easy to apply, smooth. I’m in love with this, very pretty natural pink color. 🩷

Rebecca Welch
Love them

I immediately used my polish and glitter to create the look I wanted and it turned out great